The Best Religion by Dalai Lama

What is the best religion? A question been asked to Dalai Lama a while ago. An expert from Brazil’s The Theology of Freedom group called Leonardo Boff asked the Dalai Lama leader of Buddhists from Tibet: “Your Majesty, what is the worst best religion?” Leonardo Boff suspected that the Dalai Lama would reply, Buddhism from… Read More »

Best Chinese Proverbs

Having a lot of money, Not having a lot of money.  But when you got enough to eat, it’s good enough. Being handsome, being pretty.  The most important is having a noble heart. Old people, young people.  The most important is being healthy. Being rich, being poor.  The most important is living in harmony.

Devotional Words from Steve JOBS

A Devotional from Steve Jobs Apple Computer’s owner, Steve Jobs, wealth is about USD 5,045,187,10 Last words of Steve Jobs before his death: “In the business world, I was a symbol of success, as if both wealth and myself are inseparable, because except working, I don’t have many other hobbies.”

Wild Dog Saved a Newborn Baby in Oman

There was a miracle incident that also shocked me to write this blog.  Authorities are doing investigations which the incident has surprised the nation.  This story went viral throughout the Arab Country via social media sharing, which actually the story took place in Kharbika, Orman.  A man riding his bike in the morning on a… Read More »

Chinese Philosophers Wisdom Quotes To Be Success – Part 1

Ever think about the philosophers name why their name always ended with “子“ character? Because it represents as a sign of kid RESPECT, why? Because they are great thinker and teacher ever thousand years ago !! Their wisdom quotes not only will bring us SUCCESS, but also LUCK, FORTUNES and DREAMS come true.  Peace will be all over around… Read More »