10 Signs Men Getting Old

By | 17 September 2015

Well this joke about 10 Signs that men already getting old unfortunately it’s funnier only in Indonesian language as it’s include some of Indonesian slank informal street language.  Not only that, the culture behind it also adding the funny point here.  Enjoy because I roughtly translated it… !!

1. Dulu sering gandeng istri perawan … (Before man often coupled with virgin girls)
Begitu tua sering di gandeng perawat … ? (When getting old, coupled with a nurse – sick?)

2. Dulu senengnya cewek pahit manis … (Before man likes sweet hot girl)

Begitu tua kencing manis …  ? (When getting old, got a diabetes disease)


3. Dulu tidur, hidung ketemu hidung … (Before, when sleeping, facing faces each other with wife)

Begitu tua punggung ketemu punggung? (When getting old, sleeping facing back each other)



4. Dulu rajin pake minyak wangi … (Before, man likes to spray cologne or perfumes)

Begitu tua rajin pake minyak angin … (When getting old, more often use medicated oil)


5. Dulu 4 kali seminggu … (Before, have sex 4 times a week)

Begitu tua, 4 minggu sekali (Kecewa Dech) ?? (Now getting old, once every 4 weeks, dissappointed)


6. Dulu di suruh tidur, bangun terus … (Before, asked him to sleep, but always wake up)

Begitu tua di suruh bangun, mandi tidur terus (apa nya tuh…) ? (Now getting old, ask him to wake up, but often sleeping)

Note: Could you guess what’s that?


7. Dulu rajin ke diskotik … (Before, often go to the spa club)

Begitu tua rajin ke apotik? (Now getting old, often go to pharmacy)


8. Dulu sering mimpi basah … (Before, often get wet dream)

Begitu tua sering kentut basah ? (Now getting old, often get wet farting)


9. Dulu pemburu NIKMAT … (Before, chasing for pleasure sex)

Begitu tua di buru MALAIKAT ? (Now getting old, being chased by angeldead?)


10. Dulu kalo baca yang beginian ketawa … (Before, if reading this, he will laugh)

Begitu tua kalo baca yang beginian prihatin ? (Now getting old, if reading this, he will concerned about it)


If the condition already bad like this, no chance even if having a SERVICE, even if swap trade-ins also impossible…

He could not escape the fate …at all … that he is literally already old …

Please continue, do not stop here, please spread the words in order to let other people not getting old too fast …

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