Best Chinese Proverbs

By | 25 June 2017

Chinese generosity

Having a lot of money, Not having a lot of money.  But when you got enough to eat, it’s good enough.

Being handsome, being pretty.  The most important is having a noble heart.

Old people, young people.  The most important is being healthy.

Being rich, being poor.  The most important is living in harmony.

Husband goes home late at night.  The most important he went back home and it’s good enough.

Although you got a fussy wife, as long as still taking care of the household, it’s good enough.

Children since childhood, shall be taught well.

A professor or a worker, the most important is being a good person.

Having a big or small house, as long as you can stay in it, it’s good enough.

Genuine products or fake products, the most important is it is convenient to use it.

2 wheels or 4 wheels, the most important is it is useful and it can be driven it.

Having a bad boss, must be patient and control yourself with compassionate.

All problems in your life, it’s only your life test.

It is useless to keep insisting and unwillingly to give up.

The most important in this life is living peacefully and safely.

Even if you got a lot of money, there is no warranty that you will have a better life.

With good heart and good deeds, your fate will changed well.

Who is right, who is wrong, only God knows.

Talking such a lot of things, the most important is you understand it.

The sky, the earth and all its contents, it’s good to keep its sustainability, because it is a legacy.

A lot of problems, it’s good to accept it wholeheartedly and want to solve it wisely.

Everybody has a good attitude, then the life will come off well.

You are good ! I am good ! the world will also good !

In conclusion, we should be grateful to what we have.

This reading is really good, if I don’t forward this to you, then I’m the one who are not doing good !

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