Chinese Philosophers Wisdom Quotes To Be Success – Part 1

By | 22 September 2015


Ever think about the philosophers name why their name always ended with “子“ character?

Because it represents as a sign of kid RESPECT, why? Because they are great thinker and teacher ever thousand years ago !! Their wisdom quotes not only will bring us SUCCESS, but also LUCK, FORTUNES and DREAMS come true.  Peace will be all over around the world, I believe it very much.

Here are the 7 bad famous Chinese Philosophers:

  1. Kong Zi (孔子)
  2. Meng Zi (孟子)
  3. Han Fei Zi (韩非子)
  4. Zhuang Zi (庄子)
  5. Mo Zi (墨子)
  6. Xun Zi (荀子)
  7. Lao Zi (老子)

They are all made significant impact to English Chinese History around 771 to 476 B.C. (Before Christ) Year (spring and autumn period) and around 475 to 221 B.C. (warring states period).

Well I am not talking about whole history of those 7 famous Chinese PhilosophersI am not going to write 100 books just talking about them, it won’t be finish in this one article.  I am much more interested into their wisdom quotes and talks, beside their history also interested itself I believe.

Here I extract best quotes from them, which quite useful in our life to increase our wisdom to take into benefits.

Even their quotes I prefer to split it into 2 parts.

Mountain has their own altitude.
Water has their own depth.
It is not necessary to compare with each other.
Because each person also has their own character nature.

He wind has properties which are free.
Cloud has a softness, we do not need to imitate it.
Because, again, each person also has their own character nature.

Reach anything that we think can bring happiness to us and embrace it.
Take care of what we consider is appropriate.
Appreciate of what we think is fortune.
Follow your heart, so that there will be no regrets in life.

Let’s continue to Chinese Philosophers Wisdom Quotes – Part 2, where it qoutes more about humans being themselves, how we behave will attract something.  Like Buddha taught about Karma, and etc.

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