Chinese Philosophers Wisdom Quotes To Be Success – Part 2

By | 22 September 2015
7 Famous Chinese Philosophers Quotes

7 Famous Chinese Philosophers Quotes

This is the 2nd part Chinese Philosophers Wisdom Quotes in Life Part 1.  Where as I talked about 7 Famous Chinese Philosophers that impact Chinese History thousand years ago.  Actually I am not talking about the history of those 7 Great Teachers, but discuss about their wisdom to apply them in our lives is interesting enough for me.

Below the quotes about human beings is more subtle as the following.

Humans have 1 way : Live your own path.

Humans have 2 precious : healthy body and good mood.

Humans have 4 suffering of life
1. Can not see the real truth
2. Have no willingness
3. Not willing to be modest or humble
4. Not willing to relinquish or let go

Humans have 5 life sentences
1. Though difficult but keep trying
2. Though it has been good, but still humble
3. Though deficiency but also must be confident
4. Though excessive must also be frugal
5. Though it’s cold, but the heart must be kept warm

Human have 6 life richness
1. Body
2. Knowledge
3. Dreams
4. Belief
5. Confidence
6. Determination fighting

Below quotes is more about how we behave, how we interact with society will actually impact our own life by nature.  Even before Buddha taught about Law of Karma around 2550 years ago !! (could it be Law of Attraction ?? People seems cannot accept the word of Karma, sounds too religious.  LOA or Law of Attraction seems more acceptable.

When we plant paddy, grasses also grow.
But when we plant grass, it will never grow paddy.

In doing good deeds, sometimes the bad thing comes in succession to accompany.
But while doing something bad things, there is no good things with him.

Continue to develop good deeds and virtues in our lives.

The Chinese wisdom I quoted in Part 1 and in this Part 2 somehow not so far compare with Buddha Wisdom too.

If you believe about life after death, I believe if you learn all about KARMA by Buddha, Law of Attraction by all means, you will understand why you become of you now.

If you follow these wisdom in you life, May SUCCESSLucks, Fortunes, Health, Dreams will come true throughout all of your life while your wisdom is also growing, FOREVER… Even after the life after your death (Do you actually believe it? Let’s talk more about it later in my next article by any chances).

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