Devotional Words from Steve JOBS

By | 31 August 2016

A Devotional from Steve Jobs

Apple Computer’s owner, Steve Jobs, wealth is about USD 5,045,187,10

Last words of Steve Jobs before his death:
“In the business world, I was a symbol of success, as if both wealth and myself are inseparable, because except working, I don’t have many other hobbies.”

steve jobs sick

Right now I’m lying in a hospital, contemplating the life, wealth, name and position, all that means nothing anymore.
Silent night, the light and the sound of the machines around my bed, like a breath of death impending death to me.

Now I understand, a person just need to have a sufficient wealth to consume just for him, it’s enough.
The pursuit of unlimited wealth is like a horrible monster.
God gave us organs of senses, so that we can feel the love that is buried deep in our hearts most deeply.
But not the joy that comes from a life of luxury, it’s just an illusion.

Properties that I acquired when I was alive, I could not take it away.  What I could take is the pure affection that had been buried in my heart.
Only love that can give strength and light.

What is the most expensive bed in the world?
Bed sick.
Another person can open the car for you, people can work for you, but no one can replace your sickness.

Missing items can be recovered, but lost lives can not come back again.
When you go into the operating room, you realize that how valuable the health is.

We are walking on the road of life and, in time, someday it will arrive the destination.
Like any stage of performances, the stage curtain will be closed, the stage has ended.

What we should cherish and take care of is a love relationship between the family, the love of husband and wife and the love of friendship between friends.

“Cherish every second of our lives, fill our lives with those good matters.”

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