John’s Birthday His Wife Took Him to Striptease Club

By | 2 October 2015
grand theft auto 5 strip club

grand theft auto 5 strip club

Today is John’s Birthday, his wife decided to surprise him, so she took him to Striptease Club!

Guards at the entrance of the club greets: “Hello John, how are you?”

His wife suspiciously asked:

“How could he know you?”

John: “Ooh … he’s my golfing buddy.”

The bartender at the club greeting:

“Your usual whisky beer, sir?”

His wife asked again:

“How about him, how did he know you anyway?”

John with cold sweating replied:

“He’s my friend we usually play soccer bowling.”

Then  suddenly a sexy striptease dancer who greeting John:

“Special sexy dance again today, John?”

The wife angrily dragged John out the club and immediately took a taxi cab.

And finally, the taxi driver greeting John while his wife beside him:

“Hm? … Hello again Mr. John, your chosen girl today is not usual that ugly. Same hotel, right?”

In the end (Linkin Park?) The result … you can guess yourself ???????

#Name and events are purely fictional, if there is a similarity is not an element of intent.

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