Mental Hospital Ambulance Car Flat Tire

By | 19 September 2015

mental hospital ambulance

Once upon a time, there was Psychiatric Hospital ambulance car was forced to stop on the road because of a flat tire. When was changing the tire to use the backup one, the driver inadvertently kicked the 4 screws into the sewer and gone.  What do you think the driver would do?

The driver panicly shouted, “Oh no, how I have to plug a tire if there is no bolts I can use !!”

One of crazy patient which has psychology problem in the ambulance car said :

“Sir, just unscrew only 1 bolt of the other three wheels, then plug into the tire, so each tire would have 3 bolts.  Afterward after you arrive in a car workshop, you just need to buy another 4 bolts.”

The driver immediately relieved and happy, and said :

“You are clever, but why you are in a Mental Hospital?”

The patient replied:

“Hellooo, please, sir !! …. We are just clever crazy, but not stupid like you !!!” ???

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