Why Invest in Property Will Always Make You Rich Joke

By | 16 September 2015


3 years ago, I was maintaining a sex love affair with a ugly sexy cool hot old young gay girl.  Then I bought her a luxurious house with 2 floors at the elite district in one of my city with price around $500,000.  Complete with all nice decent furnitures, as well as spa and sauna and pool and gym facility.  Last but not least, there is also grass field where you can arrange a society activities with your relatives or friends.

I gave this young hot sexy girl an allowance $5,000 / month.  But last month, I broke up with the girl, then I sold that house, and surprisingly sold out for $1,000,000.  The property market was bubbled up for these 3 years.  The economy demand was trending up, as well as stock markets.

Then I ended up, figure out the amount of money I spent and earned:

  • Monthly fee for young girl’s allowance $5,000 x 36 Months (3 years) = $180,000
  • Bought a house 3 years ago $500,000
  • Total investment $680,000
  • Sold out the house $1,000,000
  • Profit / remaining money is $1,000,000 – $180,000 = $820,000


That means, I still got profit as well as “FREE” stuff from the girl for whatever I want to do with that girl for 3 years.

At the end, I admitted my false about my loving affair with young girl to my fake real wife.

I explained to her about the investment profit I made.

My wife was very very angry, I got slap on my face from her and yelling to me.

She said:

“You are a stupid and the most moron of man I have ever met !!! Why don’t you just maintain 2 or 3 more girls if you had knew there was a good investment like this, huh !!!??? Property investment is so damn great !!!”

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