Wild Dog Saved a Newborn Baby in Oman

By | 2 November 2015


There was a miracle incident that also shocked me to write this blog.  Authorities are doing investigations which the incident has surprised the nation.  This story went viral throughout the Arab Country via social media sharing, which actually the story took place in Kharbika, Orman.  A man riding his bike in the morning on a beauty Saturday.  He was noticing a wild dog walking in the street with something on his mouth.  He also noticed blood dropping from the dog’s mouth.

The man couldn’t believe what he was seeing, it’s an abandoned NEWBORN BABY, with only couple of hours old !!

The umbilical cord also still attached on the baby

The man then ran towards the dog and he thought the dog is going to eat the child which probably could result a fight between the dog and the man.

But it wasn’t happen, the dog just deliver the baby to the people around which was gathered around the dog.

source: almesryoon.com

source: almesryoon.com

People actually just realized that the dog maybe actually looking towards to the nearest hospital.  As arrived in the hospital, the baby was transferred to the emergency room and the doctor found out that the baby is totally fine bleeding and in pain not hurt at all.

The police has checked all hospital there was none Mothers had lost their baby.

However, someone told the police as a witnesses that a girl came to the emergency room but refused by the hospital and the doctor that they are going to record the birth.  So Police is afraid that this baby maybe came from that girl who gave birth to the child and threw him somewhere where people could not notice and found out.

This is kind of amazing story to tell us that even dog has a nature of kindness.

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